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About Us...

The Sugarplum Collection was founded in 2014 by us, Diana and Brittany, who were colleagues turned best friends.  We both come from a fashion background and met when we were buyers for the same corporate brand. While we bought accessories and apparel for adults, our passion was always with children’s accessories.

One day, while we were crafting and chatting over hot cocoa, we thought it would be awesome if we could do this all the time. We got thinking and came up with an idea to combine our two passions - crafting, and children’s accessories and that is how the Sugarplum Collection was born. We are excited to share our carefully curated collection with you, and we hope you love it as much as we do.

Our Philosophy:

At The Sugarplum Collection we pride ourselves in offering charming and timeless accessories that allow children to use their creativity while expressing their style.

The Sugarplum Collection provides high quality accessories and footwear for children and infants. We promise to offer great customer service and make your shopping experience something you will never forget.

We believe, the magic is in the mix.